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Play On

While it may be a small stretch to see this as ‘on topic,’ we’re gobsmacked and delighted to note the Library of Congress has built a virtual national jukebox with selections of now-public-domain recordings from wax cylinders, old Victrolas, 78s and the like. A true link to the past, these recordings offer a way for the contemporary listener to forge a sensory link with the day-to-day life of our predecessors.

The brain regions associated with playing music are the same as those linked to both language and to chess, located roughly above the left ear. One can see some evidence of the linkage in children’s songs, where simple tunes serve to reinforce lessons on language rules and usage - even the alphabet song performs a similar function. Neat cocktail fact: the alphabet song uses the same tune as ‘Baa baa, Black Sheep” - and a Mozart concerto.