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Tempus, tempus...

We wish we could claim some glamorous excuse for the distinct lack of updates here, but alas, nothing other than things getting away from us as we tend to business.

We’ll be offering a host of interesting links in the next day or two in an effort to play catch-up, and to keep our interested readers engaged and, umm, interested. Here’s a start:

The political aspect of names, particularly the names of disputed geographical locations or entities (called toponyms)
came into play when National Geographic was noticed to have changed the names of many places on their most recent map of Tibet away from Romanized Tibetan names to Romanized Pinyin Chinese. The arrows will fly... This points to the importance and relevance of making sure your name for your product, service or company is sensitive to more than just the immediate set decision makers. Nomenon’s Native-Speaker Language Checks can make sure no-one will giggle at your name in Guyana, or throw Molotov Cocktails at your bureau in Barcelona...
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