Welcome to Nomenon. We’re glad you stopped by.

We’ve been naming names since ’94 for companies, products and services, making us one of the best established consultancies in the specialty field. Our unique approach and robust, finely honed methodology blends a
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healthy dose of science with the creative effort, yielding outstanding results in helping each client find the name they are looking for. We give you our word.

Our clients range from the likes of GE, Microsoft, American Express and Viacom to the smallest start-ups and not-for-profit institutions. We can accommodate any scale project or budget, and can service any or all aspects of branding a new launch, revitalizing an existing product, or rebranding a corporation.

We’re well practiced in fast-turnaround timeframes, and being a small, streamlined organization, we can offer flexibility, responsiveness, and direct access to the principals - no junior account managers here.

Oh, and you’ll find our rates to be pretty competitive, too
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